Advocacy: Promoting Positive Change

At the League of Women Voters of Arkansas, our priority policy issues include fair redistricting, primary reform, taking money out of politics, protecting the initiative and referenda process, and expanding access to the ballot. We are dedicated to addressing these key policy areas that shape our state and democracy. Explore our priority issues, where we actively advocate for meaningful change and work to create a more inclusive and equitable society.

a. Fair redistricting
b. Primary Reform
c. Taking money out of politics
d. Independent Redistricting Protection
e. Access

Our strictly nonpartisan organization makes a difference at every level of government in Arkansas. Through grassroots efforts, advocacy, and community engagement, we strive to empower individuals and communities to work together to safeguard our democracy. We are proud of our global reputation for integrity and nonpartisanship. Explore some of our key impact areas below:

Empowering Women to Lead: A Call to Action for Arkansas

Empowering Women to Lead: A Call to Action for Arkansas

The 2024 election cycle officially began in Arkansas on Monday, November 8, with the week-long candidate filing period. Those wishing to run for a variety of state and federal offices will have until November 14 to visit the Capitol and submit paperwork. For partisan...

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Why Volunteer for the LWV of Arkansas?

Why Volunteer for the LWV of Arkansas?

Are you passionate about democracy, civic engagement, and making a meaningful impact on your community and beyond? If so, volunteering for the League of Women Voters of Arkansas (LWVAR) might be the perfect way for you to channel your enthusiasm for positive change....

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Legislative Action: Influencing Public Policy

The League actively engages in legislative action, advocating for policies that align with our mission and vision. Throughout our history, we’ve developed an advocacy corps and our members regularly testify during the legislative session on behalf of League positions.

Active Litigation: Defending Democracy in the Courts

In addition to legislative action, the League takes an active role in defending democracy through litigation. Learn about our ongoing legal efforts to safeguard voting rights, protect fair elections, and uphold the principles of our democratic system. Stay updated on the progress and outcomes of our active litigation cases.

a. Act 236 Lawsuit
b. 2021 Lawsuit
c. 2020 Lawsuit
d. Moore v. Harper – amicus