The battle for ballot titles has recently taken center stage in Arkansas politics. Citizens of the state have submitted a total of 14 ballot titles to the Arkansas Attorney General (AG) for certification. However, what follows is a story of extensive rejections and a fight for the people’s voices to be heard.

Of these 14 ballot titles, a staggering 13 have faced rejection by the Arkansas AG. To dive deeper into the specifics, you can find the Attorney General’s opinions on these submissions here. This process, which has been anything but straightforward, has covered a wide range of policy issues that span the political spectrum.

From discussions about antique automobile tags to debates on abortion access, the removal of sales tax from period products, the requirement of paper ballots, the elimination of absentee voting, and the protection of government transparency – these initiatives have touched upon issues that matter deeply to the residents of Arkansas.

To understand the significance of these rejections, it’s crucial to note that, historically, the certification of ballot titles in Arkansas was vested in the state board of election commissioners. However, in 2022, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that this body was unconstitutional. This decision led to the reversion of authority back to the Attorney General’s office.

Over time, the Attorney General’s office has been viewed by some as an impediment to the democratic process. In fact, there have been instances where the Arkansas Supreme Court has compelled the Attorney General’s office to write a ballot title. Consequently, the certification process for ballot titles in the state has garnered significant attention and scrutiny.

Amidst the rejection of these ballot titles, one initiative has managed to get through. The Act to remove the sales and use tax on period products has received approval for its ballot title; however, it did take two attempts, as it was rejected the first time. This development represents a significant win for those advocating for more equitable taxation policies.

As we navigate this complex landscape of ballot title rejections and approvals, we are actively seeking volunteers to collect signatures for this petition. The mission: to remove the sales and use tax on period products and diapers. This effort is about making a tangible difference in the lives of Arkansans.

If you are interested in joining this cause and helping us collect signatures, we encourage you to sign up through this form. Your support and involvement can bring about real change in our state.

In this battle for ballot titles and initiatives, it’s clear that the voice of the people is a force to be reckoned with. As we move forward, we remain committed to making democracy work for all Arkansans.