Get Involved: Empower Change in Your Community

Whether you aspire to leadership or are keen to follow the lead of experienced members, the League will motivate, use, and nurture your civic curiosity, ideals, and desire for action. We offer many events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year at both the statewide and local levels.


LWV Washington Co

Join our Washington County League and become an active participant in shaping local policies and advocating for voter rights. Together, we can make a difference in our community.


LWV Pulaski County

Join our Pulaski County League and a vibrant community of advocates working towards a more inclusive and participatory democracy. Discover opportunities to get involved and amplify your voice.


Faulkner Co. LWV Logo

Make an impact in Faulkner County by joining our League of Women Voters. Engage with fellow citizens, contribute to important initiatives, and help build a stronger democracy at the local level.

"Being a part of the League of Women Voters of Arkansas has been an empowering experience. It has allowed me to actively engage in civic issues, connect with like-minded individuals, and make a meaningful impact in my community. Joining the League has truly been a transformative journey."

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Ready to make a difference in your own community? Consider starting your own League! By launching a local chapter, you can create a platform for civic education, voter registration, and advocacy in your area. Connect with us to find out more about how you can initiate positive change through grassroots efforts.