Give to League of Women Voters Arkansas Education Fund

Ms. Dortha Dunlap is an 85-year old cancer survivor and lifetime member of the League of Women Voters of Arkansas.

Ms. Dunlap has spent over 50 years advocating for voting rights, democracy, and keeping power with the people, yet due to recent Arkansas legislation Act 728, she finds herself facing significant obstacles to voting, including disparities in her signature due to age and arthritis, and lacking support and basic comforts she requires for the long wait in voting lines.

I know you care about the erosion of voting rights caused by Act 728 and other efforts to undermine democracy for people like Ms. Dunlap–that’s why I’m asking you to make a gift to protect democracy during our Labor of Love Fundraising Campaign to raise $25,000 by October 16th.

Your gift of $35 or more will help the LWVAR file lawsuits to challenge voter suppression laws on behalf of voters like Ms. Dunlap, and through October 16th, your gift will be MATCHED up to $11,000 by a couple of generous donors.

Will you make a gift of $35 or more by October 16th to remove barriers and make it easier to vote, keeping power with the people and protecting democracy?

GIVE NOW to help protect democracy for Ms. Dunlap and ALL of Arkansas voters! League of Women Voters of Arkansas (LWVAR) Education Fund is now a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, making your gift tax deductible.

With gratitude,

Bonnie Miller,
League of Women Voters of Arkansas Education Fund